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Special Pavilions


We are operating four “Special Pavilions” that are focused on Shooting / Unmanned device / Edutainment / Health, and following topics are showing remarkable growth among the theme park industry.


The operation of a special pavilion support efficient marketing of participating companies, and each industry within the theme park industry to be more active. In addition, it is expected to have a positive effect in event by providing satisfaction of visitors from the field of theme park & amusement.

In addition, it is expected to have a positive effect in event the needs of visitors from various angles by providing a variety of attractions.

KAAFAIR Special pavilions
  • Shooting special pavilion

    Everything you can enjoy with shooting .

    ㆍITEM Screen shooting, VR/AR shooting, Shooting training, Shooting game, Shooting game machine, Survival, Shooting experience, Simulation training, etc.

  • Unmanned device special pavilion

    Digital era, Specialized unmaned devices and systems .

    ㆍITEM Kiosk, Unmanned vending machine, Unmanned issuing machine, Unmanned robot, Unmanned entrance system, etc.

  • Edutainment special pavilion

    Smart educational content that combines education and entertainment

    ㆍITEM Interactive media, Hands-on education, Screen sports, After-school, Education, Coding education, Educational content, AI education, VR/AR education, Video education, 3D pen, 3D content, Educational application, O2O, etc.

  • Health special pavilion

    Places where exercise and activity become fun

    ㆍITEM Health, Fitness, Leisure, Sports, Activities, Sporting products, Outdoor, Extreme, etc.